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Brandon and Gregory


Brandon Muller, Vintner

Growing up in suburban orange county, Brandon was unlikely to become a grape grower and vintner. He graduated from USC with a business degree and an emphasis in real estate finance and spent the first part of his career working in commercial real estate finance and investment. His work led him to the bay area, where he and his husband Gregory developed a life-guiding appreciation for wine, a drive to own property in wine country, and a desire to become active participants in the wine community. They were inspired by the area's natural beauty and inherently drawn to the outdoors. In 2017, Brandon and Gregory invested in an undeveloped piece of land in knights valley with exceptional vineyard potential. The following year, they made their first vintage of wine with the guidance of a renowned napa valley winemaker and with home-winemaking equipment. This incredible experience drove Brandon and Gregory to jump into the business two feet first, culminating in the acquisition of brookshire vineyard and the start of Brandon Gregory estate in 2019. The evolution continues!

Gregory Roberts, Vintner

Born and raised in northern California, Gregory grew up around vineyards and agriculture but never thought it would one day be his future. As an adult, he moved to redondo beach to live the beach life and experience a different side of California. He surfed, worked in hospitality, and eventually met Brandon. When Brandon's work temporarily moved the two of them to san francisco, Gregory showed him the beauty of northern California and sonoma and napa's wine country. Gregory found himself with a deeper appreciation for his northern California roots, and he and Brandon decided they would someday buy a home in the area. They moved back to southern California and launched a residential real estate investment firm where Gregory used his natural talent in interior design to focus on the aesthetics of the company's projects.

It would be ten years before they owned land in wine country. Humbled and impressed with the warm welcome and helpful nature of those in the community, Brandon and Gregory quickly realized their vision to grow grapes, produce wine, and begin Brandon Gregory estate.


Julien Fayard


Julien Fayard, Winemaker

(Photo Credit:  Susan Becker Bronk)  With more than two decades of winemaking expertise, Julien Fayard is one of Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers producing California varietals with french finesse. He believes in producing wines with an identity, exploiting what makes each one unique. Julien’s wines are a pure expression of their terroir, highlighting the specificities and characteristics of the fruit, vineyard management, soil and climate. He has a track record of building brands both in terms of quality and market presence.

Originally from France, Julien began his career as a winemaker producing quality rosé at his family’s winery in Provence. In Bordeaux he worked at Lafite Rothschild and Smith Haut Laffite before relocating to Napa Valley. In Napa, he was Philippe Melka’s director of winemaking for a few years before launching his own projects. Julien earned his master in agri-business from ESA France and his master in winemaking from Toulouse France. In 2011, he received his MBA from UC Davis.


Jim Barbour


Jim Barbour, Viticulturist

Jim Barbour was raised on his family's ranch in rutherford, where he learned the life of farming, a passion for land, and the understanding that hard work breeds success. After graduating from the University of California-Davis, Jim returned to Napa Valley to begin his career and became one of Napa Valley's most sought-after viticulturists. For over 40 years, he has been dedicated to his craft, producing premium wine grapes using traditional and contemporary hand-farming methods. He is an outdoorsman and a devoted fly fisherman. When he isn't knee-deep in a vineyard, he enjoys barbecuing and fishing a stream filled with rainbows and browns.